62 Free Stock Photo Websites

Free Stock PhotosMany websites offers thousands of stock photos but with unbelievable prices. Other designers and developers can’t even afford or will even attempt to buy one. So others try to search in Google, Yahoo, Bing and other websites. It is important to remember that using these photos certainly violate someone’s copyright, which means it’s stealing right? But if there’s a problem there’s always solution. There are lots of website which offers lots of quality photos that we can use for free. But remember, you can’t sell these photos. You might read their terms and conditions as well. Continue reading 62 Free Stock Photo Websites

58 Cool Photoshop Tutorials

58 Cool Photoshop TutorialsDesigners are really pushing their skills to the limit. Their cool ideas and unique imagination is really very inspiring. After trying these tutorials and having the same result as they told in the articles, I was a maze of what I did. I have gathered and compiled these tutorials and want to share it to you. You might want to try these cool tutorials, and let me know if you felt the same way that I did. I like to thank the designers that created these tutorials to share their cool ideas, great techniques, tips and tricks in designing to their readers. Really appreciate it! Continue reading 58 Cool Photoshop Tutorials

Useful CSS Tips & Resources

useful-css-tips-and-resourcesToday, most web designers use Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) for designing or creating their websites. It is a very useful tool because it improves content accessibility of every pages of the website. It is more flexible on controlling characteristics such as layout, colors and fonts. It helps to reduce complexity, repetition in the content and it also allows your website to load faster compare to that website build only in ordinary tables. Well I think you know what I’m talking about. I think this lists is very useful because you can find tips and all kinds of different tricks for your website.
If you’re just starting to learn and explore CSS. Continue reading Useful CSS Tips & Resources

39 Freelance Job Sites

Freelance Jobs SiteFreelancing is a great if you love working at home. Not having boss saying do this and do that. But if you loved working in the office like other people do, you can also consider freelancing as a part-time job if you like for secondary source of income. I have listed and compiled some freelance job websites that offers outsourced or freelance work what I think can be useful for working online. Please feel free to comment if you think I have missed some sites that you know. Continue reading 39 Freelance Job Sites